Baseball Stitching

The Studio is one of those special places and I think you feel it when you walk in the door.  We are a sisterhood, bound by the work of our hands.  As a staff we interact as family, caring for one another, looking out for each other, checking in, covering shifts, dropping in the shop and helping out, sharing recipes and meals.  The list goes on.

Betsy and I have sons on the same baseball team this summer.  They have played together a couple of other seasons.  We have fun sitting near one another at the games and stitching together.

This past weekend they played at the Urban Youth Academy.  
It's located 1 block north of 18th & Vine.  It is an absolutely beautiful facility.  There are 3 fields there.  The main field has an announcer's booth and instead of bleachers there are stadium seats, just like at the Royals game.  All the fields are turf.  They have a concession stand and nice bathrooms which are air conditioned.  My only complaint is the lack of shade but that is pretty common at baseball complexes.
While at the game, Betsy and I were both working on stockings for our customers.  The one Betsy was working on has been a group effort at Bishop Spencer House and I think everyone was just "done". So the stocking owner brought it to us to wrap it up.

The Stocking I'm working on was brought to us by a customer who's hands are giving her a fit right now.  She got a little bit done but just couldn't do more.  I'm having a blast with different stitches and fibers.

Stitching projects come to us for a variety of reasons.  Some are from failing eyes or hands.  Some come from and need for help with an abundance of canvases.  Some get here because the grandchildren are arriving quicker than the stitching can be done.  

In any case, we love helping out whether we are stitching the whole thing or a section (like turkey work), or part of it when you poop out.  We have a simple formula for calculating the fees so if you find yourself needing a stitching fairy, bring your canvas in and we'll see what we can do.