Sunday, April 17, 2016

Our Place

Tax Season marks the beginning of the end...the end of school that is. It is also the green flag for “get those summer plans wrapped up. Kids to summer camp, car trips to the National Parks or your favorite beach. Every family has that “Place” that defines their summers spent together, that is the cradle for years of family time. Ours is Lake Vermillion, MN.

Our first trip there was in 2005. Matthew was only 2 ½. I remember being scared to death that he would end up in the lake and drown so he was not allowed out of the cabin without wearing a life jacket. 


Early on, Marc and the big boys would spend two days on the lake with a fishing guide, catching all the walleye they could. 

 Matthew and I would stick together at the cabin; stabbing crawdads with a stick, digging giant rocks out of the earth, searching for frogs. 

He got his own kiddie fishing pole and I taught him how to put worms on his hook. Really, I put them on and he said, “Ooooh, gross, Mommy.” But he eventually started doing it for himself and could sit long enough on the dock, leading to his invitation to the boat. 

This left Mommy at the cabin by herself for two day. Poor Mommy ------ Are you kidding – lets do the happy dance. Two days of hearing the lake lap on the shore. Two days of watching the loons. Two days of lake air. Two days of knitting, needlepointing and spinning. Ahh, heaven.

Hoping you will find a spot this summer where you will experience a little bit of heaven.

Your summer journeys might require a new project. We've put together some needlepoint canvases that are travel related - places, animals and beaches as well as a couple yarn projects. The knitting project is a little girl sweater that Cindy knit up called Helena. It only takes 3 skeins of Co-Ba-Si to make a 12 months size. Heading to Baltimore, check out this super cute crochet top.

PS - These pics are from 2008.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

I delight in the days when babies are in the shop. I am a baby nut and have been my whole life. I am the oldest cousin on both sides of my family and loved getting new cousins. I even have cousins the same age as my oldest two sons.

One of my fondest memories of my childhood is the family baby showers. All of the ladies in the family would gather to celebrate the new life in our family. I felt like such a big girl to be included in these gatherings of the wisdom and support. Often it was the only opportunity for me to get to know my parents' cousins and my great Aunts. And of course, I delighted in the crazy shower games and butter mints.

I treasure the special hand made gifts of crochet blankets, embroidered burp towels, knit hats that I received as gifts for my babies and the special hand written notes that accompanied each gift. "Baby Shower Season" is upon us and I thought I would share with you some of our ideas for this season.

is fluffy, soft and absorbent, a quick-knit microfiber yarn perfect for washing, drying, cleaning and more! The ball band includes two patterns - one for a cleaning mitt and one for a basket weave washcloth. But our favorite pattern is Squeaky Clean Toddler's Hooded Towel. Lynn loved it so much she knit up a sample in 24 hours. It took every inch of 2 skeins.

Cuddle Bunny Blanket is an awesome
quickie for crochet.

Needlepoint offers some birth announcements, baby sleeping signs, and
1st Christmas Ornaments and other canvases for Children.

Baby Showers are the perfect opportunity to create memories with those you love.