I delight in the days when babies are in the shop. I am a baby nut and have been my whole life. I am the oldest cousin on both sides of my family and loved getting new cousins. I even have cousins the same age as my oldest two sons.

One of my fondest memories of my childhood is the family baby showers. All of the ladies in the family would gather to celebrate the new life in our family. I felt like such a big girl to be included in these gatherings of the wisdom and support. Often it was the only opportunity for me to get to know my parents' cousins and my great Aunts. And of course, I delighted in the crazy shower games and butter mints.

I treasure the special hand made gifts of crochet blankets, embroidered burp towels, knit hats that I received as gifts for my babies and the special hand written notes that accompanied each gift. "Baby Shower Season" is upon us and I thought I would share with you some of our ideas for this season.

is fluffy, soft and absorbent, a quick-knit microfiber yarn perfect for washing, drying, cleaning and more! The ball band includes two patterns - one for a cleaning mitt and one for a basket weave washcloth. But our favorite pattern is Squeaky Clean Toddler's Hooded Towel. Lynn loved it so much she knit up a sample in 24 hours. It took every inch of 2 skeins.

Cuddle Bunny Blanket is an awesome
quickie for crochet.

Needlepoint offers some birth announcements, baby sleeping signs, and
1st Christmas Ornaments and other canvases for Children.

Baby Showers are the perfect opportunity to create memories with those you love.


  1. I've watched Lynn knit, she doesn't even have to look at the stitches, I'll bet she knit the toddler's hooded towel in her sleep.


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