Are we there yet?

That phrase you know you are going to hear on a car trip with the kids.  On our trips to St. Louis, Marc and I used to bet how long we would be in the car before we heard that question from one of the boys.  As they got older, we could get to Columbia, then we could get to Jonesboro, and now they say it just to annoy us.

In the last couple of weeks, all I could think about is, "Are we there yet?"  Lets get this election over so we can get back to normal.  And now that it is here, I am filled with thankfulness.

I am thankful that the election is finally here.  I am thankful for the opportunities I've had with my big boys to talk about values and how to make decisions about candidates.  I am thankful that tomorrow we will know the direction of the journey our country will take for the next four years. I am thankful that my phone will stop ringing.  I am thankful that the most annoying TV commercials will be about siding your home. 

Aren't you glad to be back to normal?