5 Things to help get ready for Spring Break

I can't believe that Spring Break is just around the corner.  For heaven's sake, have we had winter yet?  Don't get me wrong, it's been plenty cold, but where's the snow?  No sledding days for the kiddos this year.

March is certainly roaring like a lion these days.  And like all families with school-age children, our lives are driven by the school calendar which is screaming SPRING BREAK.  I haven't even thought about it much less started preparing for it.  Today I started to make a list of the top 5 things to do to get yourself ready for Spring Break.

1. Go to The Studio for an exciting project.  There are a couple of amazing trunk shows at The Studio right now.  Stitch-its and HSN.  Stitch-its is a local needlepoint company.  I love her designs because there is no shading.  They are straight forward and simple to stitch.  If you like to add texture, these are great for using special stitches.

HSN stands for Hingham Square Needlepoint - in Massachusetts.  They have their own line of sunglass straps, dog collars, belts, and American flags.  They also distribute for a number of designers so there is a wide variety in this show.

2. Pack the Beach Bag.  Sunscreen is a must.  Don't try to get by on last year's.  Buy new so you know it is fresh and still works.  Get a fabulous wide brim hat for yourself (and everyone else)  and find one of those giant beach blankets.  Now, about the swimsuit....I can't remember the last time I put my swim suit on.  I do own one and I think I know which drawer I stuffed it into.  Better pull it out and check the fit.  If you need or want a new one, go to one of the swim suit specialty stores.  They have the best selection for all body types and have folks to help you find the right one for you.  I got mine at Swimwear Solutions in Hawthorne Plaza.

3. Download a new playlist and/or book  OR stop at Rainy Day Books to pick up something intriguing.  I found this playlist on Spotify.  I think I know every song and could sing along.


4. Get maps and travel guides.
I stumbled upon the Gallup Map & Art Co when I was doing some genealogy work.  I got some pretty cool maps of Sweden there.  Find a map of your destination and you could have a ball with the kids.  Of course, we all know we can get ordinary things at AAA.

5.  Pick up some activities so they aren't glued to their devices and don't hurt one another.  My favorite place to pick up new and unusual items for the kids is Brookside Toy & Science.  They are my go-to place for birthday and holiday gifts.  They have great puzzles there, too.

Or some great stitching projects that are very portable.  These are on #10 canvas and available at The Studio.  Give us a call and we can kit one up for you.  816-531-4466

Last October we drove to Ft. Benning, GA to see our oldest son graduate from Army Boot Camp.  While there we did some Geocaching.  We had a ball.  You can go to the App anytime and you will find geocaching opportunities all around you.  We often did the Geocaching at the rest stops so we could get, stretch our legs and go on a little treasure hunt.  It really is a lot of fun.